WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. 21+

Verify your disposable Vape

Check the packaging of your disposable pod device to ensure it is genuine by scratching off the verification code provided. To ensure our customer's safety, The Smoky Box provides direct links and detailed instructions on how to verify their disposable vape! Follow the instructions below to confirm the authenticity of the product you purchased:

The electronic cigarette industry has been flooded with "fakes" or counterfeit devices. Due to the decline of trust in the nicotine vape industry, it is more difficult to find and trust a genuine source.

Be aware of this counterfeit issue and use only genuine vaporizers that you can verify from the manufacturer. In order to consistently produce and deliver the highest quality products, these manufacturers have refined their production methods and secured their supply chains. Make sure you keep an eye out for subtle changes in your disposable vaporizer when buying from a new source. If packaging, flavor, airflow, or imprints change, you should be suspicious. 

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