Fume Recharge Vs Unlimited: Which Is The Better Buy?

As two of the biggest vape devices from the Fume vape brand, there are advantages to both that are worth sharing. The main differences between the two include the puff count and the battery capacity. Other than that, they're very similar otherwise.

If you've tried Fume vapes before, then you'll know that quality and value are two great benefits of the brand. Whether you're a newcomer to vaping or not, they offer a wide selection of vapes that cater to everyone's personal usage.

The Fume Recharge and Fume Unlimited are the brand's two rechargeable battery devices and while they're similar in many ways, which is considered the better buy? In this guide, we'll look at both devices within the Fume disposable vapes collection. Hopefully, by the end, you'll know which one is the right pick for you.

Fume Recharge and Fume Unlimited


Fume vapes


Which vape is better Fume Recharge or Fume Unlimited?

In the battle between Fume vapes, which one comes out on top? Personally, we feel Fume Recharge is the best out of the two options. While Fume Unlimited disposable vape offers a larger puff count, the battery performance of the Fume Recharge is more powerful and requires fewer charges in between vaping.

Like many of the Fume vapes, Fume Recharge offers a smooth hit thanks to the quality mesh coil system within the device. As a vape device, it has a powerful battery that's rechargeable in order for users to get full use of the device and its e-juice.

With plenty of vape juice flavors to choose from and a sleek, compact design, it's a favorite for those who already love the Fume brand.

The slightly bigger and more bulkier of the two, the Fume Unlimited provides a mammoth puff count but with a much smaller battery capacity. However, that doesn't matter so much when it's rechargeable.

In a box-mod style packaging, you'll almost forget that this too is a disposable vape. Again, Fume Unlimited has an abundance of flavors to satisfy every taste palette out there.


Fume Recharge vs Fume Unlimited price

How do they compare when spending your hard-earned cash? As far as disposable vapes go, they do sit slightly more expensive than some but the benefit to Fume is that they offer vape devices to suit everyone's budget. These two just happen to be the most expensive of the lot.



Fume Recharge


Fume Unlimited


Fume Recharge vs Fume Unlimited feature comparison:

Are there many similarities or differences between these two vape devices? The only differences come with the battery life and puff capacity. With the Fume Unlimited, despite getting 2,000 more puffs than the Fume Recharge, the battery capacity is significantly less powerful.

However, both devices share plenty of similarities in their e-liquid capacity, materials used for the packaging, and nicotine strength. Here's a breakdown of the features for each of these disposable vapes.


Fume Recharge

Fume Unlimited


254mm x 254mm x 254mm

Sizing not available online

E-Liquid capacity



Nicotine strength




Battery life



Number of puffs

5,000 puffs

7,000 puffs


High-quality food-grade material

High-quality food-grade material


Small box-style

Large box-mod style




Why do we recommend the Fume Recharge over the Fume Unlimited? While there are few differences between them as shown above, it's worth going into a little more detail on both.

  1. Size

You'll notice that the sizing is not available online for the Fume Unlimited, despite us trying to look for evidence of how big the dimensions are. However, you'll notice that they're both similar in size, despite their difference in shape.

To hold the capacity of e-liquid required, these devices are slightly on the larger, size compared to the Mini and Extra versions of the Fume vapes.

  1. E-Liquid capacity

There's not much difference between them when it comes to e-liquid capacity. While the Fume Unlimited disposable vape offers 7,000 puffs per device, the difference of 2ml isn't a huge amount compared to the 12ml in the Fume Recharge.

  1. Nicotine strength

Both offer 5% salt nicotine in the disposable vapes, which is standard for most disposables. As a starting point for new vapers, a disposable vape will offer a limited amount of nicotine to cater to those who are transitioning over from smoking.

The smooth hit from the mesh coil system is aided by the salt nicotine content provided in both Fume disposable vape devices.

  1. Battery life

The main difference between these two devices lies in the battery life. While both are rechargeable, the Fume Unlimited is a lot lower in its power capacity than the Fume Recharge. Fume Recharge has a sizeable 1,500mAh whereas the Fume Unlimited only offers 400mAh.

While it's not a deal breaker due to their rechargeable battery, it does mean you're likely to spend more time recharging the battery on the Fume Unlimited.

  1. Number of puffs

Both these devices offer a lot of hits in their devices, which makes them ideal for those who are regular vape users. The difference between 5,000 puffs with the Fume Recharge and the 7,000 puffs with the Fume Unlimited disposable vape is fairly substantial so it's worth considering what your personal usage is like.

  1. Materials

When you place either of these devices in your hand, you'll recognize the excellent quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the production of these vapes. Whatever disposable vape you go for when choosing from the Fume vape range, you'll always find quality. Both these devices are made out of high-quality food-grade materials.

  1. Design

The designs of these vapes are slightly different but both provide comfort when vaping them on the go or in the comfort of your own home. Both are box-shaped but one is slightly larger than the other.

You may prefer the middle positioning of the mouthpiece on the Fume Recharge or you might like the mouthpiece being off to the side with the Fume Unlimited disposable vape. This is a choice you'll make out of personal preference.

  1. Rechargeable

With both the Fume Unlimited vape and the Fume Recharge, both come with a rechargeable battery. This is a major perk of choosing either one of these devices because you're guaranteed to get every last drop of vape juice from the device.


Fume Recharge vs Fume Unlimited flavors comparison

It's likely that you'll find some similar and exact flavors available in both of these vape devices. To fully enjoy vaping, you want a vape device that provides plenty of delicious flavors. With that being said, here are some of the best Fume vapes worth trying from both devices.

Top Fume Recharge flavors
  1. Peach Banana
  2. Lemon Mint
  3. Blueberry Mint
  4. Lush Ice
  5. Passion Fruit Mango

Some other worthwhile mentions to try include Blue Razz, Sour Apple, and Orange Soda. Here are the top picks for the Fume Unlimited device.

Top Fume Unlimited flavors

  1. Rainbow Candy
  2. Peach Berry Ice
  3. Apple Peach
  4. Strawberry
  5. Tropical Punch

We also recommend you try out some other flavors, including Strawberry Mango, Cotton Candy, and Pina Colada.


Fume Recharge vs Fume Unlimited performance

You're getting a great number of hits with both of these devices and when it comes to personal preference, you will likely be highly satisfied regardless of whether you're a new vape user or a regular one. Fume Recharge provides up to 5,000 puffs and the Fume Unlimited offers up to 7,000 puffs.

If you're looking for a heavy usage option, then we'd recommend using the Fume Unlimited. you'll want to understand how to successfully recharge a Fume vape so make sure you know how to do this before using the device.


The Smoky Box customers' review

If you're looking to try out either of the devices, then we'd recommend checking out what our customers have to say on The SmokyBox about the Fume devices.

Fume Unlimited

Love my vape! Highly recommended - Debra T.



Where to buy Fume Recharge and Fume Unlimited online?

There's no need to look further online for your Fume disposable vape. We've got both the Fume Recharge and Fume Unlimited available to buy in a variety of flavors.

Along we both these devices, we offer many of the other device options from the Fume brand. That means you can try them all if you fancy exploring the entire range.

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Fume Recharge vs Fume Unlimited FAQs

How long does Fume Recharge vapes last?

With 5,000 puffs and a rechargeable battery, you'll expect to get a few days usage out of this device, depending on your personal consumption of course.

How to know if my Fume vape is real?

To check if your Fume disposable vape is real, you'll be able to verify it with its unique SKU code found on the outside packaging of the device. Other signs to spot the legitimacy of a Fume vape are the appearance of the QRJOY logo and the holographic security thread on the back of the vape packaging.