Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000: Which One is Better?

When it comes to reliable vape devices, you can't get much better than the Fume Ultra or EB Design's Lost Mary OS5000. Two different disposable vape devices in size and performance but equally similar in delivering quality, flavorsome vapes.

How do you pick between two fantastic disposable vapes? This guide will compare the two closely to identify which one comes out as the best option, whether you're new to vaping or looking to try one of these brands for the first time.

Formerly known as Elf Bar, we've got helpful EB Design vape reviews that are worth checking out if you have more time for reading after this article.



Which vape is better Fume Ultra or Lost Mary OS5000?

The better vape device has to be the Lost Mary OS5000. You're getting more value when it comes to the higher puff count, quantity of e-liquid, and rechargeable features. In comparison, while Fume Ultra is a great vape, it doesn't quite compete with the performance of the Lost Mary.

Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000

Both of the devices are recognizable when it comes to the vape community. As a disposable vape, you will typically get a range of flavors to choose from and a limited performance depending on how many puffs are available in each device.

The Fume vapes come in a variety of models, whether you're looking for pen-style disposable vape products that closely resemble the feel of traditional cigarettes or box-mod style designs.

EB Design vapes are well-known and extremely popular for vapers both old and new. This brand too, offers plenty of models, varying in size and features.

Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000 price

When looking at the price of these devices, there's not much difference between the two. Despite that, when you compare the characteristics below, you'll see why Lost Mary OS5000 is considered to be better value for money, despite only costing a dollar more than the Fume Ultra.



Fume Ultra


Lost Mary OS5000


Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000 features comparison:

We've put together a handy and easy-to-digest table that compares all of the features between both the Lost Mary OS5000 and the Fume Ultra.


Fume Ultra

Lost Mary OS5000


Not specified

48mm x 26mm x 82mm

E-Liquid capacity



Nicotine strength



Battery life



Number of puffs  




High-quality food-grade material

Aluminum and Stainless steel



Box-mod style




From just the comparisons above, you can see a lot more is offered with the Lost Mary OS5000 from the e-liquid capacity, puff count, and rechargeable feature. Let's look a little closer into the features of both devices.

  1. Size

While Fume Ultra isn't specified online regarding its size, it's similar to the Lost Mary OS5000. However, you're likely to find that the size of the Fume Ultra is slightly larger in length than the box-mod style of the Lost Mary vape.

  1. E-Liquid capacity

Offering a substantial 5ml more e-liquid capacity, you're clearly getting more value from the extra dollar you're spending on the Lost Mary vape. In comparison to the puff count you get, it means you'll likely notice a more intense flavor profile over the Fume Ultra.

  1. Nicotine strength

Across the entire market of disposable vapes, a 5% salt nicotine content is common. You're going to get a smooth and intense flavor with every hit. That goes for both these devices.

  1. Battery life

The battery life of each device varies quite significantly. With Fume Ultra, you've got 1,000mAh and the Lost Mary only delivers a 650mAh. The reason for this is that the Fume Ultra is to be disposed of as soon as the battery dies, regardless of whether there's e-liquid remaining in the tank. Despite the smaller battery life, the Lost Mary has the rechargeable function, so can get away with a smaller battery power.

  1. Number of puffs

Value for money is important even with disposable vape devices and puff counts are something to be mindful of. Fume Ultra offers up to 2,500 puffs which is a good amount for any newcomer to vaping. However, with the Lost Mary, you're getting up to 5,000 puffs. That's double the amount and only for a difference of $1.

  1. Materials

Both these brands are known for supplying great quality materials and you can tell that's the case with both of these devices. The aluminum and high-grade food materials are used to create a strong and durable disposable vape in both vape products.

  1. Design

There's a big difference in the design of the vapes. With the Fume Ultra, it's a pen-style, smooth design, and the Lost Mary OS5000 is a box-mod style vape with a mottled surface for extra grip. Both are unique in comparison to one another and so personal preference may be the driving point in this feature.

  1. Rechargeable

While not all disposable vapes are rechargeable and are designed to be thrown away after one use, the Lost Mary is rechargeable. That's a big difference and a great value for those looking to choose between the two. Rechargeable devices are great for those who are looking to explore a new level of vape devices, especially if you've been vaping disposables for a while.

Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000 flavors comparison

There are lots of great flavors to choose from when it comes to picking out one to try from each brand. From peach mango watermelon to kiwi passion fruit guava, strawberry pina colada, and blueberry ice.

You've got a lot of choices, so with put together some of the top flavors from each brand. Here are some of the most popular Fume vape flavors and Lost Mary OS5000 flavors.

Top Fume Ultra flavors

1. Mint Ice

2.  Pina Colada

3. Strawberry Banana

4. Bubblegum

5. Banana Ice

Top Lost Mary OS5000 flavors


1. Blue Cotton Candy

2. Watermelon

3. Strawberry Ice

4. Grape

5. Blue Razz Ice

Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000 performance

Comparing the performance of the Fume Ultra and the Lost Mary OS5000, you've got a noticeable difference in the e-liquid capacity and puff count. With double the puffs and the rechargeable feature, Lost Mary OS5000 is one that offers a lot more value for money. Here's the puff count for each device:



Puff Count

Fume Ultra


EB Design Lost Mary OS5000


We've got a great guide to EB Design vapes if you're looking to explore more of the range that this brand has to offer in puff count.

Our Fume Ultra and Lost Mary OS5000 selection

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Fume Ultra vs Lost Mary OS5000: which one is better? FAQs

How much nicotine is in a Fume vape?

There's 5% salt nicotine in each of the Fume vapes. This is standard across many disposable vape devices you can get on the market.

How long does a Lost Mary vape last?

Depending on your usage, a Lost Mary vape can last you anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two. If you're a casual vape user, for example, it's going to last a lot longer than someone who heavily vapes.