Cuvie vs Cuvie Air: Which One is Better?


If you're looking for a great disposable electronic cigarette device, you're going to get it in both the HQD Cuvie and Cuvie Air. Both have their advantages, but which one is better? HQD is a well-known vape brand and with a range of styles and flavors to choose from, it's hard to pick one out as a new user of the brand.

This guide will compare the two disposable vape device options, Cuvie and Cuvie Air to determine which one is better. Will the small and compact HQD Cuvie come out on top or will the newer vape model, the Cuvie Air reign supreme?

HQD Cuvie Devices


HQD Cuvie Devices

Which vape is better HQD Cuvie or Cuvie Air?

In our opinion, if you're looking for the device that offers the most value, it's best to go with the HQD Cuvie Air. While they're both the same price, you get a lot more with the HQD Cuvie Air in performance and most importantly, puff count.

You can check out our in-depth HQD vape review for more information on the vape device brand.

The HQD Cuvie is the smallest device that you'll be able to get from the HQD range. It's a small and compact device, with a range of flavors to choose from. With bright packaging, it's a great device to show off.

The same can be said for HQD Cuvie Air. The bright packaging makes it an appealing vape device. It's a middle-ground in the HQD range when it comes to the puff count and again, there are plenty of flavors available to try out.

HQD Cuvie vs Cuvie Air price

When comparing the devices, there's no difference in price, which is surprising when you consider how much more you get in puff count from the Cuvie Air to the Cuvie. Here's what you can expect to spend with these devices.

HQD Vape                    




Cuvie Air


HQD Cuvie vs Cuvie Air features comparison:



 HQD Cuvie

HQD Cuvie Air


28 x 13.5 x 100.5mm

33 x 23.3 x 116mm

E-Liquid capacity



Nicotine strength



Battery life



Number of puffs




PC material



Small and compact

Pen-mod style




Now that you've got a better overview of both HQD vapes, let's dive a little deeper. To use your HQD vape, both are draw-activated, making them useful for beginners to vaping.

  1. Size

In terms of size, both are similar but with the Cuvie Air, you get a slightly bigger disposable vape. In comparison to other disposable electronic cigarette device types, they're on average in size. Ideal for those who want to keep their vaping discreet and travel-friendly.

  1. E-Liquid capacity

Despite their small differences in size, there's a big difference in e-liquid capacity. While the Cuvie only offers 1.25ml, the Cuvie Air offers a staggering 12ml. That's a big difference between the two and that difference is only made more significant with the price of both being the same.

  1. Nicotine strength

Both devices deliver a nicotine strength of 5%. The salt nicotine e-liquid provides the user with a more satisfying hit that compliments the flavors perfectly. This percentage of nicotine is standard for most disposable electronic cigarette device types.

  1. Battery life

There is a significant difference between the battery capacity, with the Cuvie only offering 280mAh and the Cuvie Air providing 950mAh. If you're looking for intensity of flavor from start to finish, you should look for a powerful battery that will meet the puff count available.

  1. Number of puffs

For HQD vape hits, you're going to get more out of the Cuvie Air, not only because there's a bigger e-liquid capacity but because it's rechargeable.

You get up to 1,200 puffs with the Cuvie and over 4,000 puffs with the Cuvie Air. The HQD Cuvie Air disposable is considered a medium-sized vape device.

  1. Materials

When it comes to disposable vape devices, they're designed to be one-use only so for most, the materials are likely to be fairly basic. While they're not the heaviest in weight, they're both lightweight due to the materials used. This might be suitable for those who want a disposable vape device that's easy to hold and carry.

  1. Design

Both devices are compact in size, with the Cuvie being the smallest. There's not much difference but if you like a bulkier style device, then you may prefer the Cuvie Air. It's designed to provide a little more grip than the Cuvie.

  1. Rechargeable

A standout feature between these devices is the rechargeable battery. When you recharge your HQD vape, it needs to contain a rechargeable battery. While the Cuvie Air offers this, the Cuvie doesn't. For those looking for a disposable vape device, the appearance of a rechargeable battery might not be something they're fussed by.

However, with the Cuvie Air disposable vape, the rechargeable feature on this device means you can get every last drop of vape juice from the device.

HQD Cuvie vs Cuvie Air flavors comparison

Both the HQD Cuvie Air disposable and the HQD Cvuie have some great flavor options. Here are just a few that each vaping device offers to customers looking to try the brand for the first time.

Top HQD Cuvie flavors


1. Ice Mint

2. Pineapple

3. Strawberry

4. Watermelon

5. Strawberry Banana


Top HQD Cuvie Air flavors

1.  Blue Razz

2.Strawberry Watermelon

3.Strawberry Mango

4.Cola Gummies

5.Strawberry Coconut



HQD Cuvie vs Cuvie Air performance

How do the HQD Cuvie and Cuvie Air compare in performance? There's a big difference both in e-liquid capacity and the battery size. With the Cuvie, you get 1,200 puffs and a small 280mAh battery.

The HQD Cuvie Air offers more than 4,000 puffs, so over double what the Cuvie offers, and with the Cuvie Air, you get a bigger battery capacity size too.

If you're choosing between the two, the Cuvie Air Vape comes out on top as the better disposable vape device.

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HQD Cuvie vs Cuvie Air FAQs

What is the level of nicotine in an HQD Cuvie Air vape?

The level of salt nicotine e-liquid in the HQD Cuvie Air is 5%. This is the standard amount offered in most disposable vape devices.

Why does my HQD Cuvie vape taste burnt?

If your HQD Cuvie vape tastes burnt, it might be because it's running out of vape juice. With the wick no longer having any juice to soak up, you're drawing on a dry wick, hence the burnt taste you'll get in your mouth.