Why Does My EB Design Vape Taste Burnt


If your EB Design vape tastes burnt, chances are you've run out of juice and the coil wicks inside the vape which generate the vapour are no longer saturated. The reasons why your EB Design vape tastes burnt include:

  1. The coil is worn out
  2. Insufficient e-liquid
  3. Chain vaping
  4. High-wattage/power settings
  5. Viscosity of e-liquid
  6. Dirty or flooded coil
  7. Incorrect priming

As you get to the end of a vape device, there's less vape juice for the vape coils to absorb and therefore that creates a burnt taste in your vape. If the burnt taste persists, then this guide will share more guidance on why that is and how to fix it.

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What is a burnt hit?

A burnt hit is a result of using a vape that either has no liquid or not enough absorbed vape juice on the wick itself. However, there are a variety of reasons why your vape tastes burnt and continues to have a burnt taste despite doing some basic troubleshooting.

Burnt Hits vs. Dry Hits

Burnt hits are slightly different to dry hits. While dry hits aren't pleasant, they're less impactful than burnt hits. A dry hit occurs when the vaping juice doesn't ignite properly and that means you get a mouthful of hot air with an unpleasant taste.

A burnt hit happens when the wattage of your device is too high or when there's not enough vape juice. The result is a wick that becomes burnt and delivers a very nasty burnt taste to your taste buds.

7 reasons why your EB Design vape taste burnt

What are some of the reasons why your EB Design vape tastes burnt? While there are some more common issues that lead to the burnt flavor being produced, there are some that are less known. Here are several reasons why your disposable vape taste burnt.

  1. The coil is worn out

If you've been using the coil for a while, then the coil itself may no longer be as effective at absorbing the vape juice. It's important that when it comes to the coil, you're changing it regularly. With most disposable vapes though, it's an all-in-one device so at this point, it's best to replace the vape device completely.

However, if you have a vape that you can take apart, then it's worth replacing the coil every week or so depending on your usage.

  1. Insufficient e-liquid

The main reason for a burnt flavor is often down to the lack of vape juice available. With that being said, it's worth being mindful of just how much vape juice is in the device. A lack of intensity in the vapor is a sign that your vape is running out of juice.

At this point, you may want to cease using the device and replace it. For reusable devices that can be refilled, you'll want to refill the vape tank itself.

  1. Chain vaping

Chain vaping is common when you're in a social environment or you're really enjoying the vape flavor. Chain vaping is where you're going through your vape in an excessive manner which doesn't allow the coil wick to saturate enough in the time it needs to take before being used again.

To use an EB Design vape successfully, be sure to wait a minute or two after each draw. This will allow the wick to become saturated with the vape juices again.

  1. High wattage/power settings

Your vape may have a burnt flavor due to the high wattage or power settings of the vape itself. With most disposable vapes, you won't be able to adjust the wattage but with more advanced vape devices, you may be able to customize your vaping experience through its wattage and airflow.

If you're increasing the wattage to a high point, it's likely going to ruin the coil and deliver those burnt hits you don't want. Follow the guidance the vape juices provide when it comes to wattage recommendations.

  1. Viscosity of e-liquid

It's important to be mindful of the vape juices you pick when using more advanced vape pens. With disposables, they are already pre-filled with the appropriate e-liquid. However, the viscosity of your e-liquid may be incorrect when pairing it with your more advanced vape devices.

Ensure the vape device matches up with the viscosity of the e-liquid and vice versa.

  1. Dirty or flooded coil

This can often happen in both disposables and reusable devices. If your disposable vape taste burnt, then it could be down to a dirty or flooded coil. If that's the case with a disposable, be sure to throw out the disposable vape and purchase a new one.

For reusable vapes where you can remove the coil, replace it to see if that makes a difference. You can also lightly clean the device to get rid of any debris that may be causing those burnt hits.

  1. Incorrect priming

Priming your coil head is something you want to do before filling a vape tank. That is if it's possible to do so with that particular device. Incorrect priming can lead to your vapes tasting burnt. Priming means wetting the wick or vape coil directly to help ensure it's saturated enough before using the vape pen.

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7 tips to fix the burnt taste in EB Design vape

While we've touched lightly on fixing vapes that are tasting burnt, here are several tips when it comes to EB Design vapes themselves.

We also recommend you check out our EB Design vapes review for more information on this popular disposable vape brand.

  1. Check the tank and coils for dirt

While it's not always possible to get into an EB Design vape, it's worth checking the tank and coils for any dirt should you know what you're doing. A vape tasting burnt may be due to dirt build-up, so it's worth checking the state of the tank and coils.

  1. Replace the coil head/coil

If the EB Design vape is not working, then you may need to replace the coil head or coil itself. A burnt coil isn't going to be fixable and therefore needs replacing before using the vape device again.

  1. Prime your coils

If you've got a burnt coil, replace it with a new coil, and be sure to prime it properly. This means saturating the coil directly so that it's absorbed as much e-liquid as possible. That way, you're avoiding both a dry hit or a burnt taste in your mouth.

  1. Adjust the power settings

When you have a vape pen that's adjustable in its power settings, consider lowering the wattage if it's too high. Certain e-liquids are going to need a certain wattage level, so if it's too high, be sure to turn it down and be attentive to this when using different e-liquids and vape devices.

Charging an EB Design vape can help with the power of the vape device too.

  1. Check e-liquid levels

Before you go vaping away, check the e-liquid levels in your vape tank. If it's looking low, then you may want to think about replacing the disposable vape. If it's a refillable one, then you can simply refill the vape tank with more liquid.

  1. Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping is something you want to avoid completely. With that being said, here are some top tips for preventing chain vaping:

  • Wait 30-60 seconds before taking a draw
  • Avoid passing the vape around for others to use
  • Keep yourself busy with other things to prevent chain vaping

7. Check for leaks

Lastly, if you're getting a burnt taste, it might be due to a leak in the device that has caused much of the e-liquid to pour out without you noticing. Check for leaks, especially after it's been dropped or bashed about.

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Why does my EB Design vape taste burnt FAQs

Is it dangerous to use an EB Design burnt vape?

With an EB Design burnt vape, you're going to breathe in toxic chemicals, so it's important to replace the burnt wick or device quickly and cease vaping the device.

How can you tell if an EB Design vape is burnt?

You'll likely notice that it tastes burnt. It's usually a rancid type taste in your mouth and it's unlikely to go away if you continue drawing on the device.

Is there any chance the burnt taste go away in my EB Design vape?

It may do if you troubleshoot the device by using the tips mentioned above. However, if it's not going away, then you'll want to replace the device completely.