EB Design: How To Verify and Avoid Fakes


Due to the growing popularity of vape pens, that too comes with the rise of fake devices. Purchasing fake disposable vapes is something you want to avoid but how do you do it? With EB Design vapes and with many vape devices, there are a number of ways to verify the legitimacy of a vape you're buying.

With that being said, you can avoid disposable vape devices that are fake and instead enjoy the real deal. If you're new to the EB Design brand, then we highly recommend you check out our EB Design vapes review for more information.

This guide will provide you with vital information on how to verify your EB Design vapes and avoid the fake ones that often appear on the market.

EB Design Lost Mary MO5000

EB Design Lost Mary MO5000

How to verify your EB Design vape?

If you've yet to purchase an EB Design vape or have one and you're not sure if it's the real thing or not, then it's good to know how to verify this brand of vape. There are a number of ways to do this:

  1. Locate the code in the package
  2. Enter the code on the EB Design site
  3. Check the package for any red flags
  4. Validate the device

By following these steps you're going to be able to detect whether or not the disposable vape device you've bought is one that's come directly from the EB Design brand. Let's break down the steps for verifying your EB Design disposable vape.

  1. Locate the code in the package

When verifying the disposable vape device, you'll want to look for the QR code which you'll find on the packaging. Every device and its packaging has a unique QR code that takes you to the EB Design website. Once you've located the code, you'll need to use your phone's camera to activate the link which you'll click on.

  1. Enter the code

Once you've clicked on the link, it'll take you to the website where you'll enter the security code. This will check whether or not the vape device you have is a real one - or a fake one.

  1. Check the package

Alongside the QR code, the EB Design vape uses anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure it helps many of its customers avoid fake disposable vape devices.

On the packaging of the disposable vape, you'll find a holographic sticker with specific features. This includes an anti-counterfeiting pattern, an anti-stripping design, and a holographic laser security thread that has a colorless fluorescence.

Think that's enough? Well, it doesn't stop there. It also has an anti-counterfeit code, micro text, and even a hidden name. This level of detail is something that most fraudsters will be unable to achieve.

  1. Validate the device

Validating the device is something you can do by checking the QR code, authenticating it online, and double-checking the package. Once you know what to look for, you'll be able to easily tell which ones are real and which ones are fake.

Consequences of using a fake EB Design vape

Are there consequences when you use an EB Design vape that's fake? With a fake disposable vape device, there are dangers that would have you throwing the vape away without a second thought. If you're suspicious that the vape itself is a fake one, then here are some reasons why you shouldn't go puffing on it.

Health effects

If you're using a fake disposable vape, one of the dangers is that you don't know exactly what has gone into these vapes themselves. You're vaping them at your own risk and who knows what the fraudsters used in the liquid. Just because the vapor production looks legit, doesn't mean what you're inhaling is right.

As these vape devices are pre-filled, there's no way of knowing what kind of content is in this 'vape juice'. Toxic ingredients may be used that could damage your health in severe ways.

Excessive nicotine levels

With fake EB Design vapes, the fraudsters who are making them could put in more nicotine content than the 5% salt nicotine that is typically in these devices. Excessive levels of nicotine can be incredibly damaging. Not only is it an addictive chemical but in large volumes, it could cause a number of problems including cancer and birth defects.

Corrosive damage

The fake device could contain ingredients that are corrosive to the device and the elements that make up the pre-filled vape device itself. That could be a major problem not only because it damages the vape as you use it but because it's corrosive materials that could be ingested into your body or cause a danger to your environment.

It's also worth the check the puff count offered by the device, and to ensure it's accurate in what a real vape device provides.

Where to buy authentic EB Design vapes online?

If you're looking for authentic e-liquid and disposable vapes from EB Design, then you'll want to shop on legitimate websites. That can be challenging when there are lots of fraudster sites out there that are selling counterfeit devices.

The best EB Design flavors can be found here at The SmokyBox, a site that sells legitimate EB Design vape devices. You're safe in the knowledge that when you buy from our site, you're getting the real deal. You'll get a satisfying vaping experience every time with the devices we sell, along with excellent customer service.

It's highly important you're buying a vape pen that's real and not fake. Be sure to check that you're the legal smoking age before buying a BC5000 disposable or any other make and model from our site. When checking out, make sure to take advantage of our SmokyClub membership. You can get 15% off your first order and free deliveries in the US over $50.

How to verify your EB Design vape FAQs

How can you fix your EB design vape?

If your EB Design vape stops working, then you'll want to check that you've gone about verifying it to make sure it's real. After that, there are some common troubleshooting tips you can do. Check that it has enough e-liquid in it.

Try charging it up as it might be that the battery has died or it could be it's worn out to the point it can't be charged anymore. If that's the case, or the vape juice has run out, you'll want to replace it with a new one.

Where to find the security code on the EB Design vape?

The security code is found via the QR code on the side of the packaging. You'll find this on every single vape device you buy that's legitimately from EB Design vapes.