How Much Do EB Design Vapes Cost?


One of the major benefits of vape devices is that they're considerably more affordable than traditional cigarettes. It's why many choose to make the switch to disposable vape devices because they help save a lot of money on the old bank balance.

EB Design vapes are a brand of vapes worth trying, especially for their price tag. Not only do they deliver great flavor combinations but they're well-known for their high-quality performance.

In this guide, you'll be able to explore the flavor ranges on offer from EB Design and the regular price you can expect when it comes to these wonderful vape devices. If you're new to EB Design vapes, we recommend checking out our EB Design vapes review.

EB Design Vapes

How much does an EB Design vape cost?

The cost of an EB Design vape varies anywhere from $17.95 to $21.95. There are a number of different models available in the EB Design range, which determine the price you'll pay for these disposable vapes.

The type of model you choose will also determine the hits of an EB Design vape you get. Here are the models that EB Design vapes have currently:

  • EB Design BC5000
  • EB Design BC5000 Ultra
  • EB Design TE6000
  • EB Design Funky Republic Ti7000
  • EB Design Lost Mary OS5000
  • EB Design Lost Mary MO5000

With a puff disposable vape such as these, you've got a range of choices in both flavor combinations and hit performance. EBDesign vapes are certainly delivering the very best to their customers and it's why they're so popular with new vape users too.

Top 7 EB Design flavors and their price

There are plenty of vape flavors to choose from when it comes to this disposable vape. However, how do you pick which one you try first? We've put together some of the best flavors of EB Design, comparing all of the models you can get from this brand.

Hopefully, you'll be able to try out one of the many available on our site with a little bit of inspiration below.

  1. Clear EB Design BC5000

If you've got taste buds that don't need too overly complex flavors for a vape, then you'll love the Clear flavor from EB Design BC5000. It's a practically flavorless vape with just a touch of menthol.

With 5000 puffs, you've got a subtle but refreshing vape device in this flavor and model.

Price: $21.95

  1. Triple Berry Ice EB Design BC5000

What's better than one berry? Three of course. If you love fruity flavors, then the Triple Berry Ice from EB Design BC5000 will surely satisfy your fruit cravings.

The flavor combination features sweet berries and an icy throat kick. A great flavor that you won't easily get bored of.

Price: $21.95

  1. Watermelon Cherry Lost Mary MO5000

Two flavorful fruits in one satisfying vape. The Lost Mary series is a popular one for those who want a slightly larger vape device with a firm grip. The space-like packaging is super cool and is great if you're looking to show it off.

Delivering delicious watermelon and sweet cherries, it's a great one for your first vaping experience.

Price: $19.95

  1. Pineapple Apple Pear Lost Mary MO5000

EB Design vapes are known for providing some great flavor combinations, especially for those who love their fruits. If you're looking to try a trio of tart, sharp, and sweet fruits, then you'll love this one from the Lost Mary MO5000 range.

Enjoy tart pineapple chunks with sharp and sweet apples, paired beautifully with sweet pear. It's the perfect vape flavor for the summer.

Price: $19.95

  1. Yummy Lost Mary MO5000

It's a flavor name that doesn't immediately hint at its contents but you'll be surprisingly satisfied by this combination.

Featuring juicy melon, you've got an icy kick that provides a refreshing taste with every hit. If you're looking for a cooling vape, then this is the one to buy.

Price: $19.95

  1. California Cherry Funky Republic Ti7000

For those in love with the cherry, this vape by Funk Republic Ti7000 is a beauty. A deep cherry flavor that lasts for up to 7,000 puffs, you'll be getting a lot of value out of this device.

California Cherry Funky Republic Ti7000

This type of model from EB Design vapes is a great option for those who are regular to heavy vape users.

Price: $19.95

  1. Strawberry Banana Funky Republic Ti7000

Sometimes, it's the simple flavors that hit the best. If you're a fan of the classic fruit combinations, then you'll want to give this one a go in the Funky Republic Ti7000.

Strawberry and banana is a classic flavor combination, a popular one for many vape users old and new.

Price: $19.95

Are EB Design vapes worth it?

We've got a guide to EB Design vapes that is worth the read if you're looking for more insights into these vapes. When it comes to value for money, you're really getting a lot with the EB Design vapes, once known as the Elf Bar.

While the nicotine in vapes is an addictive chemical, if you're looking to quit smoking, then these EB Design vape pen devices are certainly worth paying for. They come in plenty of flavors and the models vary to provide something a little different for everyone.

TheSmokyBox customers' review

Still not convinced? If you've not tried these vape pen devices before, then just ask the happy customers on The SmokyBox. Here are some raving reviews from fans of the EB Design vape range.

This flavor is super sweet of you are into that and has a great icy finish! - Jessie G. Talking about the Triple Berry Ice BC5000

I love the cherry 🍒 flavor! These Funky Republic’s are so good! - Tiffany A. Talking about the California Cherry Funky Republic Ti7000

Amazing vape finally got the one I actually wanted! - Rhiannon H. Talking about the Watermelon Cherry Lost Mary MO5000

Think the peach is the best flavor i have had so far. I ordered it because they said it paired with mad blue, which it does very nicely but the peach is one of the few that gets 10x better the longer you have it. Flavor is the perfect balance of not too sweet and not too peachy. Love it. - Charlie C. Talking about Juicy Peach Lost Mary OS5000

Where to buy EB Design vapes at good price?

Whether you've always been a fan of the Elf Bar, particularly the iconic Elf Bar BC5000 or you're completely new to the EB Design brand, you'll want to make sure you find a legitimate store online for buying these vapes.

Luckily, that's where we come in. Here at The SmokyBox, we stock a range of EB Design vapes from the BC5000 model to the Lost Mary OS5000. If you're looking for vapes at a great price and plenty of variety in choice, then we highly recommend you shop via our site.

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How much do EB Design vapes cost FAQS

How many hits does an EB Design vape have?

The hits you're provided with will depend on the size of the EB Design vapes. For example, you've got the BC5000 which has 5,000 puffs available. If you're looking for a bigger vape size, then you'll want to try the Funky Republic Ti7000 which offers up to 7,000 puffs.

How long does an EB Design vape last?

The amount of time your EB Design vape lasts will depend on how much you use the vape and how regular that usage is. As larger vape devices, you may get a few days to a week out of it, again depending on your usage.